The history of the Royal House hotel

Monjargalant LLC commissioned the 6-story complex "Royal House" hotel in the 14th district of BZD as part of the 2007 year of infrastructure development and job increase by the Government of Mongolia and started working with more than 60 jobs. In 2012, it was rated as a world-class 3-star hotel in the hotel star rating test.

Advantages: Domestic and foreign business guests, representatives, council members and tourists have been working to provide services that meet the needs of tourists. Since its establishment, it has been operating continuously for 15 years and is already well-known among consumers and customers. continues to enter.

Environment: It provides high-class comfort and service because it works with high customer satisfaction. Deluxe, semi-deluxe, family and other rooms await you.

Services: Our activities are carried out under the slogan "Welcome with a smile, say goodbye with a smile" and we regularly deliver fast and friendly service to our customers.