A brief introduction

History: In 2000, the first branch of Tsetsgen Buuz was opened in BZD, 13th district, down the road 4 east. In 2002, Tsetsgen Buuz 2 branch was opened on the 1st floor of Royal Irish Pub 2 across from the space tunnel road of BZD. In 2020, Tsetsgen Buuz 3 branch was opened in BZD. , opened next to the Paradox bus station in the neighborhood.
Advantages: Of course, many years of dumpling making recipe has not lost, adding more variety and improving the taste. It has been operating very successfully in the fast food market with its appearance and service, and has already become familiar among consumers and has strengthened its position in the food industry.             

Environment: The external and internal environment of Tsetgen Buuz has been designed according to international standards and the interior has been created with a modern and national style. This makes it stand out from other fast food restaurants in the market.
Services: The motto "We will serve our customers quickly with quality products" has been adopted as an internal rule of the organization, and it has been implemented as a culture based on many years of practice and experience.