Director's Greetings

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Z. Tsatsral
Director General
In 2000, Tsetsgen Dumpling opened its branch and started with 3 employees was But today there are more than 200 employees, 2 hotels and 3 fast food chains place, 3 Irish pubs, lounges and non-banking financial institutions to the people with 3 and 4 star rating for delicious food and comfortable environment 22 years of providing hotel and quick loan services. We Monjargalants operate under the slogan of one family Our company adheres to the principles of good governance incorporate it into the culture and ideology of the organization, have the right attitude, Create a team full of passion and skills provide services that meet standards, provide jobs for many citizens, Work diligently to fulfill your social responsibility and be a storyteller is Scope of activities and achievements of Monjargalant LLC All success is due to the hard work of my talented staff but also the expression of the feelings of each customer and customer. On behalf of our team I would like to express my gratitude and wish you well.